Welcome to my website!

I like writing about cool stuff I'm doing, and this is the place for that!

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There's a few sections:

Did you know?

I made this website from scratch - all the code and most of the art. I use Zola to help with the tedious parts of the process.

One of my goals is to see how far I can push it without using any JavaScript.

So far I've managed things like zoomable images, and a burger menu on mobile.

I also try to keep it accessible - the site chooses a light or dark theme based on the preference indicated by your browser (both are WCAG-AA compliant), there are no moving or flashing elements, there are content warning for some posts, and alt text for all images.


I only really plan to support the latest available versions of Firefox and Chromium, however you might have some luck with older browsers.

Regarding "best viewed on desktop", see the following table:

Resolution Support Status
>1050x500px Fully Supported - special background and borders
>650x500px Supported - special borders
>360x500px Supported - no special decorations
<360x500px Partially Supported - some things might break